Friday, July 16, 2010

14 year old daughter going out with a boy

From: Suzanne

Subject: 14 Year Old Daughter

Question: Hi...My daughter is 14 years old, a Freshman in High School. She is currently going out with a boy who she has liked since 7th Grade. They were very good friends and friendship turned into liking and liking turned into dating.

My daughter basically tells me everything...and this boy has come over to the house before....I do trust both of I making a mistake by allowing them to spend time together alone....
they do not see each other often....I have a very good relationship with my much so that some people have told her tha she shouldn't tell her mother everything...which kind of upsets me.

I told her if she feels she doesn't want me to give her advise and guidance to let me know but she said not that she values my advice and it helps her alot....I know she and this boy really care about each back to my original I making a mistake by allowing them to spend time alone together

Answer: Dear Suzanne,

That you are writing me and asking me this question tells me that you already know you are making a mistake. I don't care how great of a teenager you have....hormones...are you really ready to be a grandparent?

I hope the rules of no shutting the doors and double dating still apply.

While life has changed and yes technology has changed we make babies is still as old as the hills....

Personally I believe in birth control for teenagers as it is not about them being responsible it is all about how a baby deserves a responsible adults for parents who meet their needs. The prisons are full of people whose needs were not met in infancy and chilhood.

Plese give yourself to act like her parent for a few more years and set some boundaries, now!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller
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Comment: I really apprecitae that my questions were answered so quickly. I also could tell by the answer that M. Kay Keller understood about my son's disorder. I will definitely check out her website and follow her suggestions.

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