Monday, July 5, 2010

My child repeats this normal?

From: Lynnette

Subject: Child repeats himself

Question: My son is 6 years old and very intelligent. He has been reading and computing simple math for quite some time. The kindergarten teacher even asked if we wanted to bump him up to first grade. The one thing he does that concerns me is that he will repeat a lot of conversation in a whisper.
Such as "We read a new book at school today, (we read a new book in school today)". Is this something he does as a habit or does it help his cognitive learning?

Answer: Dear Lynnette,

Children often do behaviors which the grow out of however you are concerned. Why not schedule an initial interview with a child therapist who specializes in play therapy and see if there is something to be concerned about? If the answer is no, you will be relieved and if the answer is yes, you will have the help you need to cope!

Best wishes!

M Kay Keller

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