Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My 12 year old lies about everything...help!

From: Jamie

Subject: lieing

Question: I'm a single mother my daughter is 12 going to be 13 teen in October she lies about everything to school work to what she is doing that she is not to be doing to the small like did u drink your oj to the big did you cut up that shirt.

She has been lien off and on for sometime now like 5mons but here 2mons ago my scissors went missing and i asked her did you see or use my scissors she would say no mom i have not i new she had them for i looked all over my house and could not find them well just yesterday i went to the bathroom and my befriend went to take a drag of a cig

well i heard the drow oped then close i asked her what she was doing and she said looking for a pencil i said what for she said i dont know then i asked the same thing again she said this time to draw i was bored well i knew she was lien out right to me when i saw the scissors in the top drow i did not say nothing about them but i seen her eyes when i touched them me and my boyfriend of 5 yrs asked for the truth told her lien is bad i don't like them people don't like them the same thing

i have been telling her for 5mons she still did not tell the truth we have tried grounding her taking away stuff extra chories writhing sentences and everything you can think of even setting down and talking to her but she still lies...I'm out of things to do and my bloodpruser cant take much more maybe its cuz she got by with it with her dad i don't know but she knows i don't like a liar but yet she keeps it up she had them scissors for 2mons and i would ask about them from time to time and see little Pisces of paper and ask about it and she would still not tell me the truth please help mother at the breaking point...

Answer: Dear Jamie,

Family therapy! Now! Before it gets really bad really fast. You are at a place right now where it may make a huge difference. Please find a qualified family therapist who specializes in children of this age.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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