Thursday, July 8, 2010

My 10 year old is curious about sex, what do I do?

From: Anonymous

Subject: sexual curiosity

Question: Our 10 year old son caught my wife and self making love on a friday night. He must of herd some noises and made some effort to walk on the hard wood floors, unusally quietly to make it into the room without either of us hearing him come in.
 We saw him as soon as he entered the room and sent him back to bed.

The next morring we thought we would have the chance to finish what we started the night before and once again he made quite an effort to creep into a posiion to see what was going on.

We have noticed that he is not wanting to go to bed and is now out of bed very early, where normally he is a sound sleeper that is very hard too get out of bed in the moring.

Last night he was creeping around the house and standing outside of our bedroom door hoping to see if there was anything happening between us.
I was able to take him for a drive this morring and talk to him about what he was thinking.

He tried to dance around the subject and I didn't what to push him too hard.

From what I was able to get out of him was that the experiance gave him a tingley feeling.

We were a bit worried that he may be trying to stop us from being imtimate but now I think that he is wanting to see do we handle this one?

Answer: Dear Anonymous

This is not about him trying to control your sexual activity. This is a 10 year old who is curious. Time to get out the age appropriate books and start discussing sex. Keeping it in the closet so to speak just keeps curiosity up. Having discussions and answering questions will do more to end this issue than anything else.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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