Sunday, July 4, 2010

I think there is child on child molestation, how do I know for sure?

From: fay

Subject: child on child molestation

Question: My question concerns 2 cousins ages 9 girl and 11 boy.It has been discovered the boy has pulled his pants down, pulled hers down, touched private parts, kissed, told her not to tell.This has gone on for 2 years now.
What should the family do?It is heartbreaking as the 2 have been so close and the family is stunned.Did this constitute abuse?Girl said she did not like it but was told not to tell.Please help.

Answer: Dear Fay,

It always surprises me when someone writes me this type of quesiton. Girl said she did not like it but was told not to tell. Yes this constitutes abuse.

Boy needs therapy!

Girl needs counseling to heal!

Family needs some education in appropriate behaviors and parenting.

My heart goes out to all.


M Kay Keller

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