Saturday, July 3, 2010

Help, serious problem with my 12 year old!

From: Terrie

Subject: my 12 yr old son

Question: I am having a serious problem with my son.He has a huge heart and very emotional.But he steals and lies about everything.He lies about lieing .

I have done family/individual/group and therapeutic counseling and therapy and he has great moments for months and then straight down to the bottom again.I have already pressed charges for stealing $500. from my best friend and tons of money from me .

Now the school has found him searching a teachers car. i HAVE GOT THE POLICE INVOLVED AGAIN. do YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR ME.

Cameron has a great support system and the whole town wants to see him become a better person.

Remember the saying it takes village to raise a child he has always had that since hes been a year old.

Please if you have any ideas or reasons why? please contact me as soon as possible.

By the way we have three other children that are not having the same issues
thank you


Answer: Dear Terrie,

His stealing and lying is a huge indication something is really wrong. If you have been in therapy with the same counselor I suggest getting 2nd and 3rd opinions.

It maybe that he is getting too much understanding and not enough in consequences. If he steals he needs to be prosecuted. There need to be consequences for his actions that teach him that it is not okay for him to violate other people's boundaries.

It sounds like he is devoid of compassion and yet you say he has a huge heart and is very emotional. It sound more like he is able to manipulate you emotionally.

My heart goes out to you. It sounds to me like he needs inpatient therapy before your heartbreak becomes inconsolable....


M Kay Keller

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