Friday, July 9, 2010

Father asks questions about 11 year olds sexuality

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Questioner: Anonymous

Subject: daughter problem

Question: Dear Kay. This is awkward so please understand. My daughter is only 11, I have always thought of her as my "little girl" and puberty seemed far away to me by her appearance. The other night I saw her light on in her room, and thinking she fell asleep with the light on I walked right in and was shocked to see her on the bed with a sex toy inserted into her vagina

I was also in total shock to see that she had pubic hair visible, and I just stood there frozen as she coverd up. My question is: Is she too young for sex toys? Is it wrong for her to place objects into the vagina at such a youg age? Is it harmful? What should I do? Should I take the toy away?

Please help.



Dear Anonymous, Next time your daughter's light is on you may think about knocking before entering. It is the best way to teach children about respect for privacy.

I think you are asking the wrong questions. Where did an 11 year old get a sex toy? She couldn't have bought it herself. Did she get it from your room or a friend? Most 11 years olds may know about sex but don't on the average know about adult toys.

Have you talked to your daughter about sex and masturbation? From your questions I wasn't sure this was a real question by a real parent, it sounds more like a question posted by someone who likes voyeruism and posting shocking questions for others to read. If I am wrong, then I would suggest a heart to heart with your daughter as I am sure it was embarrassing for her to have you interrupt her private session with herself.


M Kay Keller

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