Friday, June 11, 2010

My child is hurting herself.

From: Anonymous

Subject: 3yr old pinches her finger

Question: Hello,

My 3yr old daughter has picked up an annoying habit of pinching her own fingers on the other hand. When sitting idle, she would start to pinch the skin on back of her hand where there are joints. And the skin would swell..I'm sure she must be getting little pain/uncomfotable about it..but she doesnot stop no matter how politely we ask her or scold her. When we put bandaid on the finger she would start doing on the other finger..She usually does it when she's not doing anything..Pl help.


Answer: Dear Anonymous,

Strongly encourage you to check with your pediatrician. Children should stop doing what hurts, it is natural. Something is up.

M Kay Keller

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