Monday, June 14, 2010

3 year old stuttering

From: sally

Subject: stuttering issues

Question: I am a social worker,working now in a primary school,today i met a single father who's anxious about his child who begins stuttering at 3 years old and it's becoming worth by the time,he doesn't stutter when speaking with his best freind,what i concluded that the child is very attached to the father,he's moving in the weekends to his grandparents house,and he lost his mother who travels and never comes back so he's passing through period of stress,but my question is,is it healthy to suggest that the father starts to help his son learn how to be independent,how to dress alone,to eat alone and to sleep alone in his own bed but in his father's room?because the boy doesn't let his father leave him for a second.
I need your help and expertise,Thank you.

Answer: Dear Sally,

It always amazes me how when a child is experiencing a difficult time in their lives we look to change them or the parents interaction. He is dealing with LOSSES. Please suggest that dad and others find some books on loss appropriate for a 3 year old. Also suggest books on feeling words. It wouldn't hurt to introduce him to some sign language as it is expressive and will help him expressing his emotions. If you were stuttering wouldn't it be useful to use sign language to help you relax.

While I agree he needs to become independent it is not a good idea right now to push him further out in the world on his own. Little steps help him get through the difficult time. Dad is just trying to do his best to support his son. They need each other right now.

Thank you for writing to me. I am glad you are concerned about the little ones. Feel free to come back by anytime. I have a list of videos on youtube under MKayKeller or AllFamilySolutions. Feel free to share them with parents/caregivers.

Have a great day and thank you for the work you are doing with children!

M Kay Keller

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