Monday, May 17, 2010

My wife and I disagree on whether or not the baby should sleep with us?

From: rod

Subject: bedtime battle

Question: My wife and are in disagreement with how to put are 2 year old to sleep. I believe he should go to bed by himself. My wife feels that she has to lay down with him to get him to sleep. I feel by doing this simply act of love our son will never go to sleep by himself, causing a even bigger problem in the future.

Answer: Dear Rod,

I raised two boys and a daughter myself. My sons are now 31 and 25 and I can assure you I do not go to sleep next to them each night! ;) As a matter of fact they started sleeping by themselves by the time they went to school. They are grown up now with families of their own, getting college degrees, working and being responsible....they did not suffer because I laid down with them when they wanted me to.

Your son will only be little for a while. Before you know it you will blink your eyes and he will be all grown up and gone. Why not lay down beside him with your wife and enjoy this time while you can?

Best Wishes!


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