Friday, May 7, 2010

My daughter is very sensitive, I don't know what to do.

Questioner: Kayleigh

Subject: My toddler

Question: Hi

I have a two and 4 month year old daughter who has been fussy since the day she was born, first off she would only take of one breast, so i stopped brestfeeding, and then it was difficult to get her to take to the bottle.

Over the years her behavior has become more odd, when i change her bed cover i have to do this in a day i cant change them to a different one as she will became distressed and wont sleep.

We cant leave the house without her baby or blanket. When we introduced the potty she wanted to take that everywhere we had to nail that in the head but for the first few weeks she became distressed about us not allowing this.

We got a dog she wouldn't go near it, ofter a few weeks we cant get her away from it. She stays at my parents house at the weekend she has to sleep in the same room as she has since a baby she will became distressed if we move her.

She becomes attached to things easily and does not like change.when we take her out she takes around half an hour to adapt to the environment in that half a hour she will cling to me her doll and blanket. She wont even try new foods. She has a mild speech delay and will say word and then she wont say them again, she only says on average around 20 words.

This is now concerning me i thought she would grow out of the fussiness but this doesn't seem to be the case is this behavior normal. Can you help.

Many Thanks

Answer: Dear Kayleigh,

Your daughter sounds sensitive to her surroundings. This is not uncommon. ALL children need consistent routines. Are her daily activities routine? Children often do not tolerate great deviations from the daily routines. It provides them with a sense of security.

I would suggest if you haven't already done so incorporating daily massages with your daughter. It will benefit both of you. Structure her daily routine. Sometime using sign language with children helps to increase their vocabulary. If you are really concerned about her vocabulary make sure you read to her everyday with books that have lots of pictures and vocabulary words to match.

Best Wishes!


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