Saturday, May 15, 2010

My 2 year old and her sippe cup

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Comment: Thanx for ur candid advice Kay,i appreciate that.I do realise that i am a little too much worried mom---"the what if kinds"...will try to chill a bit more.

Questioner: anou

Subject: Sipper for 2 yr old

Question: Hi Kay,

My daughter is 2 yrs n 2 months now.She takes milk by a bottle and other liquids with glass.One day i bought her a straw sipper with her favourite cartoon chars on it and told her if she will like to drink milk in her micky bottle, she said she will.That night i made her milk in front of her and poured it in her new sipper bottle.Then i engaged her in stories n made her drink milk through her sipper.I am doing this since 3 nights and she drinks most of it.Now my questions are:

1.She takes milk with bottle all other times of the day(twice)as i work n m not there to tell stories.Is it fine or i should remove the bottle totally.

2.Is it fine that we distract her n give her milk with the sipper coz many ppl tell me throw the bottle in the bin before her n tell her she will not get the bottle now,she has to take milk with the sipper.

3.She drinks water with a glass but with this sipper she loves water in it.Shall we keep this sipper only for milk or its ok to gv water also.My fear is that she should not stop taking water in the glass.

Thanx.Wish u a Happy New Year.

Answer: Dear Anou,

I have had many questions from you over the last year. I want you to learn to trust yourself as a mother. Your daughter will be just fine. Whether or not you choose to giver her a sippee cup or not. Your fear is what is keeping you from relaxing and I suspect enjoying your experience as a mother and your experience of your daughter as a toddler. Please do relax. Your little girl is not going to end up in a therapist office because you did or did not giver her milk or water in a sippee cup. Start enjoying her more and worrying less. Ask your self what would I be doing with my time if I were not worrying about doing the right thing with my daughter?


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