Saturday, May 8, 2010

28 month old delaying bedtime routine

From: ann

Subject: 28-month old delaying bedtime

Question: our 28-month old daughter just started trying to delay bedtime about 2 weeks ago. what used to be a 30-minute well run pre-bedtime routine has now turned into a 1.5 hour obstacle course. she keeps stalling going to sleep (wanting a drink, wanting to read another book, wanting to go potty AGAIN, wanting to rock in the rocking chair which is something we quit doing when she turned 1, wanting a different blanket, you name it, she tries it)and cries "mommy...mommy...mommy" on and on and on...i am losing sleep and patience, please help!!!

Answer: Dear Ann,

This is what children do. Running out of patience is not an option. Maybe she is getting too much sleep. Is she taking a long nap in the day time?

Do you have a consistent bedtime routine? I am not talking about a schedule that is different than a routine. Do you massage her or play soft music for her.

I have a host of suggestions on this site or on my website.

Best Wishes!


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