Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 year old son. Something is amiss.


Subject: 2 yr old son

Question: Hello, I have a 28 month old son. He has been getting early intervention therapy since he has been 18 monthes. He sees a occupational therapist and just within the last month has started speech therapy too. My concern is he has made very little progress.

He has 2 appointments a month and he mostly just cries when they are here. I am not sure if he doesnt like either one of the ladies or what. He is very social and interactive when we have friends over and makes good eye contact with them.

They had me start trying sign language with him but he's just not getting it. I try so hard with him but he just crys if i dont get up to get him his milk juice or food. He will bring me his sippy cup when he is thirsty thats how he tells me that he wants more to drink. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the kitchen when he is hungry.

He will only say "yes" sometimes when I ask his a question. It's never when i ask him something like "Do you want some juice" I just within the past month started daily playdates with a lil girl that is 5 monthes younger than him that he gets along with well. I take him outside to play at the playground at our apartment complex and there are usually other kids out there that he will interact with sometimes but sometimes he just wants to collect sticks and go play in the fountain.

At his last EI appointment the lady talked to us about adding a psychologist to come and do visits. She said that it just seems like he is in his own world. They will never give me a straight answer about Autism. He is very bright and very determined when he wants something.

If he sees something on the counter or dresser he will go and find something to stand on to reach it. He counts to 3.Identifies airplanes but not any part of the body. He says about 30 words and some two and three word phrases. Does it sound like autism to you? Any input you have would be appreciated.Thanks you

Answer: Dear Christine,

I hear your pain. You are doing all the right things and I can hear your frustration. They are not telling you anything because he is so young. It could be and it might not be. Try to continue doing what is working and enjoying your child in the moment. Regardless of the outcome you won't be able to change any of it so just continue being a great mom and enjoying your child.

Keep up the sign language. It is a very valuable tool. You may have to increase his level of frustration to get him to use it by not responding so quickly to his needs. When he tries to lead you by the hand resist a little and see if he will use the sign language. It increases vocabulary and it also lessens a child's frustration with communication. Make sure you teach him useful words for daily living and include lots of feeling vocabulary words.

If you feel you are not making progress with a professional get second and third opinions.

Best Wishes!


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