Friday, May 21, 2010

2 year old sleeping with me

From: anou

Subject: Sleeping apart+Bottle as comfort

Question: Hi Kay!
My 2 yrs old daughter was sleeping apart in the cot since 4 months but now recently she was sick for a while and used to get up coughing in the night.So she ended up sleepng with me.Hugging me tight, which felt very nice to both of us.Now as she has started play school she gets sick quite often and i cannot spoil her habit now and then by co-sleeping.what can be done that she does not feel unattended when sick n at the same time the habit remains.

my second question is, when she is at school she needs a bottle to comfort her after sometime.And she wants the bottle even when i am driving her back home.She just sucks the nipple.What can be done to let her go off the bottle if she is not drinking from it.
Anou V Vohra
Answer: Dear Anou,

She is fine. She will not always want to sleep with you and she will not always want the bottle. I don't know of any children who take their bottles to school with the other children by the time they are in the first grade. Children outgrow this behavior. If you are patient she will too!

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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