Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 year old bizzare talk

From: Anonymous

Subject: 2 yr old's odd comments

Question: My 2 yr old granddaughter is very verbal, appears to be very advanced, healthy and happy-she is potty trained, away from bottles, very artistic and extremely verbal-maybe a bit too much sometimes. She was experiencing what appeared to be nightmares for several months-waking up in middle of night crying but not responsive when tried to speak to her or calm her-as if still asleep- appears this has gottem better but on occasion whe wakes up and tells us she had bad dreams, from cars coming to get her to a man standing over her bed saying hello-she describes these dreams in detail. She does repeat the dream over and over by telling us about them all the time.

In middle of watching a funny show on tv before bedtime, she was laughing and very relaxed and comfortable she said Grandma I need a sharp baby knife. that really threw me off guard-I asked why and she said to cut off my left ear because I dont need it, she looked at me and said you have two ears, oh my god, so do I, I will cut off the right one too than. She is with us all the time, never in day care, I asked her if she heard that on tv, she said no, asked where she learned or heard such a thing and she said "me"--she has a funny sense of humor and is very intelligent and well behaved, she is a joy to be around but this one really freaked me out--not sure if we should pursue it or just wait and see if she says anything else like this again-my mother joked that she is van gogh reincarnated but it really is quite scary..any suggestions or have you heard of anything like this in a 2 yr old before?

Answer: Dear Anonymous,

No actually I haven't heard of this kind of behavior with a 2 year old before. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen only that I have not had anyone tell me this. Children do have bad dreams however what concerns me is the level of detail in which she is describing this bad dream. I am sure after hearing the dream you are more cautious with her out in public. I know I would be wary of strangers in cars after hearing a child tell a dream like this one. I can only imagine how her comments 'freaked' you out. I think anyone would have reacted the same way. On one hand giving it too much of a reaction can reinforce the idea of frightening you and at the same time it is disconcerting.

I suggest you speak with her primary doctor first and explain what happened. She sounds very intelligent and gifted children come with their own set of challenges. Start reading up on gifted children. Find some good reads and acquaint yourself with her development on a gifted level. It might be a good idea to get her tested to determine just how gifted she is truly. Gifted children are often also very sensitive and see things differently due to their emotional sensitivity. Keep this in mind and again, knowledge is power. You will need plenty of knowledge to keep up with a gifted child. Her vocabulary is quite impressive for a two year old.

I know this for sure. She is lucky to have a grand-parent who takes her seriously and is so supportive of her. You continue trusting your instincts as they will server you both well.


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