Monday, April 12, 2010

My toddler doesn't sleep all night what can I do?

From: Sara

Subject: My toddler doesnt sleep during night

Question: QUESTION: My toddler has this problem since day 1, he does not sleep well at night, usually toddlers at his age should sleep 12-14 hours but he does not, whenever he start sleeping at PM or 10 or 11! he awake after 4 hours, crying and asking for water, then he sleep again and awake after 2 hours till the morning comes. so we are not sleeping well since 1 yearn and 8 months now!

also he is not asking for food, if he spent all day without food he want ask for it, he keeps drink water all the day

please help

ANSWER: Dear Sara,

First take him to his doctor and see if everything is okay physically. Then make sure to have a bedtime routine that you stick with each night. Have quiet time, massage, soft music, etc....he should wind down and start sleeping.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller
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the doctors says everything is ok, no problem with anything. what should i do?

Answer: Dear Sara,

Get a regular bedtime routine. I have posted numerous suggestions here for bedtime routines. Start by turning down the environment by turning off all of the TVs, stereos, computers etc....then turn down the lights, bath time, reading time, %26 massage time. Be consistent with the routine you select. A routine is not the same as a schedule, this isn't about the time it is about what comes next, so make sure you do the same activities with him each night. Continue even if he resists. It takes about 6 weeks for children to adjust to a new routine.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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