Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 22 month old hits me...

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Comment: Thank You so much for your advice. I will sure do that :)

Questioner: Anonymous

Subject: 22 month toddler

Question: I have a 22 month old boy and he is the joy of my life. I work full time and my son stays with my husband most of the time. I always tell my son that mommy is going to work that i will be back soon. As soon as i get home i devote my attention to him for the rest of the night but all he does is hit me and never wants to be with me . Does he hate me?

Answer: Dear Anonymous

He doesn't hate you. He misses you. Missing you is a good thing. Hitting you certainly is not acceptable however a 22 month old is limited in their emotional expression.

I have two suggestions. First get some books with feeling faces and help him identify what he is feeling.

Second, give him something like a blanket or your favorite piece of clothing (a blouse or such) and let him smell you all day, in addition a picture of you, a recording of you, something that lets him remind himself you will be there later.

I recently purchased a build a bear for my grandchildren who live far away. I was able to put my voice on a recorder that is tucked inside and now they can squeeze the bear and hear my voice tell them I love them and miss them and want to give them big hugs! Maybe you could google and find a build a bear for your son.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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