Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is my 23 month old developing normal

Questioner: Tina Subject: speech in almost 2 boy

Question: Hi, My son is 23 months, a very happy, receptive and social boy with a 5 yr old sister. He seems to have good receptive language. Knows all body parts when asked where is your...?, points to things in books when asked where is the cat, mouse etc.. and follow 2-3 step directions.

He however is saying only approx 15 words. He will repeat words if we say them to him ie ball, water, but then does not use them himself. He seems very proud of the words he does have, saying them often. He does often get frustrated when we try to get him to say the name of things he wants ie juice. A speech therapy consult in our area is on average a 18 month wait.

What more should we be doing? We are constantly talking to him, reading books since birth, and labeling everything in his environment. More so since we started to notice a delay about 2 months ago. I have read alot on this area lately and find advice ranging from " all children develop differently, if still issues at 3 seek speech therapy, to Seek help now this is not normal.

I'm worried our for our son and want to do what is best for him.


Answer: Dear Tina, All children do develop differently and I can tell from your question that you are still concerned. I would suggest adding in Sign Language. Sign Language has been shown to add to children's vocabulary in the long term. They may not talk as much now but the research shows when they are older their vocabulary is much larger and above their age level.

He is only 23 months old. Relax a little. Make sure you are having fun with him and not worrying too much.


M Kay Keller

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