Monday, April 5, 2010

18 month old throwing himself on the floor

Questioner: stephanie maguire

Subject: hello

Question: my son is 18 months old he throws him self on the floor and bangs his head on the floor several times aday.. i dnt know what to do about it..he drives me crazy he is always screaming

Answer: Dear Stephanie,

Well he sounds frustrated. There can be several reasons for this behavior.

1. He doesn't have good boundaries and is told yes so often that he doesn't deal well with being told no occasionally?

2. He had rigid boundaries because he is told NO alot of the time rather than when it is important.

3. He had something physical going on that is stressing his body out and he relieves himself by causing himself more pain to distract it.

Only you will now which one of these applies.

M Kay Keller

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