Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15 month old son not talking yet

Questioner: Carla

Subject: 15 month old not talking

Question: My 15 month old son has yet to say anything. He makes sounds that sound like "ma ma" and "da da" but I can't be sure he means mom or dad or if he's just making sounds. He does a lot of "baby talk" especially when I lay him down for a nap, he "talks" himself to sleep sometimes.

He can follow simple directions such as getting his "green ball" or "find the kitty cat". He also gives kisses when prompted (or whenever he feels the need to be affectionate) and can follow Patty Cake for the most part. Also, sometimes he will point to objects and make sounds like he's trying to tell me something using words only he can understand. He doesn't seem to have enough patience for reading and I can't get through the first page before he rips the book from my hands and starts tearing out pages.

I've read a lot about how he may just be a perfectionist or following his own time table, but I am beginning to worry. Any suggestions?

Answer: Dear Carla, While all children develop at their own pace, you sound worried. I think you should consult your baby's doctor and possibly request a developmental screening to put your mind at rest.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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