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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My favorite techniques for parents/caregivers of babies! All Babies!

Babies & Toddlers, it's never too late to get started...

See each one of these demonstrated on Kay's YouTube channel.

1. Infant massage - helps them sleep.

2. Sign Language - improves vocabulary.

3. Breastfeeding - breastmilk is amazing!

4. Sling carrying - see the videos on my youtube channel for dads & moms.

5. Dunsten Baby Lanuage - interpreting babies cries for sensitive responsiveness. See the youtube video:

or visit the website

6. Attachment Parenting - attached babies grow up to be people who attach to others.

7. Nurturing Parenting - parenting throughout childhood needs to be modeled and consistent.

8. Yoga for babies & toddlers! - they have baby stress too.

9. Aromatherapy

10. Story therapy, art therapy, music therapy and most importantly play therapy.

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