Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My baby's toes, something is not right.

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Comment: thanks for ur advice i shall definately take another opinion on the same.


Subject: My baby has uneven Toes.

Question: Hi,i shall be glad enough if u could help me & my baby.My baby has just began with his 8th month(7mnth & 1week)He is an active baby with very good physical and mentel developments,but off late i found that his left leg 2nd finger,the finger next to his thumb is slightly smaller then the rest and raised uppwards from the other toes.
Hence it makes his feet look with uneven fingers.When i counsulted the pedeatrtian he agreed that the finger is a lill smaller then the rest,he said nothing much can be done,but keep pulling and massaging it,which can help the muscle in the finger expand(because sometimes the nerve/muscle in a developing baby gets jammed/compressed).I would love to hear it from u if u could be able to advice me on the same,will massaging help as he is still too young or do u think as he grows the finger may get into the normal postion??????????

I hope u understood my Question and shall await for ur positive reply.
If u think its outside ur expertise kindly suggest me someother expert!!!!

Thanks for taking so much time out for my Question.

Answer: Dear Fabeen:

I am concerned your doctor did not take this seriously enough. I think you need a second opinion. Please consult with another doctor who has more experience. Trust your instincts.


M Kay Keller

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  1. Getting a second opinion and trusting your instincts is excellent advice. I did that once when my son had a serious condition and our doctor said: "Nothing more can be done, just live with it." The second doctor tried a different medicine and completely corrected the situation!!