Monday, March 15, 2010

Dreams: How our brain communicates with us through our dreams.


There are many ways to explore the mind and world of a child; one way is by listening to their dreams. Remember it is useless to tell a child the monster they believe is in the closet or under the bed does not exist. In the minds' eye of a child, the monster is not going to go away until you throw it out the window and lock up behind it, thus acknowledging their fears of the unknown. Dreams are more about the feeling underneath the dream than the actual dream itself.

The mind retains daily living experiences and unexpressed emotions often ignored during daily living and translates it into information the brain stores for later processing. The brain most often processes this daily leftover information when a person is quiet and asleep in the form of a seemingly unrelated dream.

When trying to understand your dream of the dreams of your child, it is critical to listen for the underlying feelings surrounding the events in the dream. The type of dream or the events in the dream often seem unrelated and unimportant however, dream analysis has shown the importance of looking at each dream segment individually for common threads.

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