Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby want only mommy?

From: Grant

Subject: 10 month old daughter will only go to mother.

Question: My ten month old daughter will only go to her mother. Why is it that she does not want anyone else and cries when others try and help to comfort her? The theory about daddys little girl has been thrown out the window for me at this point. I have tried to comfort my daughter and let my wife go out with the girls and have an evening out but my daughter cried for two and a half hours straight and once my wife got home she stopped almost instantly.
My daughter will not allow me to feed her or change her diaper with out crying. She also even now cries when my wife leaves the room and she starts crawling after her crying and throwing an absolute fit. I want to help my wife and enjoy my daughter but I am not able to. What should we do?

Answer: Dear Grant,

It is not uncommon for a baby this age to be so attached to the mother. I would suggest you take an infant massage class and learn to massage her. It is a great bonding and attachment exercise for any caregiver and an infant. Another tool is to teach her sign language it will give her a communication tool and will give you both another activity to bond.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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