Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby suddenly not sleeping at night?

From: Karen Mitchell

Subject: 6 month old

Question: Hi!

My amazing sleeping 6 month old has decided to go from sleeping through the night and napping whenever to only wanting to sleep in my arms. I was able to put him down awake gently swaddled. Now that he is older and can roll around the swaddling doesn't work so I've been putting him down in a sleep sack.

Since he won't go down awake I've been trying to put him down asleep but he instantly shakes his hands and spits out his soother (if I put him down with one, sometimes I don't) and wakes himself up.

I go back and forth to his room until 4am when exhausted I bring him into bed with me and he sleeps happily until 8:30am.

Any suggestions for what I should be doing? He's already 22 pounds so holding him constantly is breaking my back!

Thank you!

Answer: Dear Karen,

Where he was already sleeping through the night and had established a sleeping pattern I have to ask what interrupted his processes?

I am wondering if he is teething? Or if something in his immediate environment changed? When there is growth/development or if something significant in the environment changes babies will often regress to what is comforting to them. The good news is you are his comfort.

Have you tried a consistent nightly routine like adding in infant massage before he goes to sleep? Combined with a story time, soft music? My daughter had a wonderful cd with a heartbeat and soft music which even puts me to sleep.

Best Wishes!

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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