Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby sucks fingers

From: Debbie

Subject: finger sucking

Question: My baby is 9 weeks old and starting sucking her finegers.
She will sleep 4-5 hrs at night but then middle night awake sucking her fingers; i take that as my cue that she is hungry. My husband tells me not to wait too long till she crys because she sounds frustrated. Is what we are doing correct?
I am very confused on when and how to know she is hungry

Answer: Dear Debbie:

It can be very hard sometimes to read a baby's cries. I highly recommend getting a video which shows you how to hear the difference in a baby's cries.

In the meantime it is good to respond to a baby's cries and feed them when they are hungry. Baby's need to know you will respond to them and their needs will be met. It helps build the trust that you will be there when they need you to be.


M Kay Keller

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