Monday, March 8, 2010

Am I spoiling my baby?

From: Chay

Subject: Am i spoiling my 7mo old?

Question: My friends and family say i'm spoiling my 7mo old. One
example of why they are saying this is because he has yet
to hold his bottle. (I've been holding his hands on it for
months, and have tried other various suggestions as well.
Nothing is working.) Is it true i'm spoiling him and that
is why he will not hold it himself?
 It's very hard for me
to ignore him when he gets frustrated, could that be the
problem? I know every baby develops skills at their own
rate, but i don't want to be holding him back. How do i
make sure i am not spoiling him? How do i know when he
needs help, and when to step in?
sorry to use the bottle as an example, but it seems that
same concept applies to many challenges he faces.
Thank you so much for reviewing and answering my question.

Answer: Dear Chay:

First, fire your friends and family. Tell them to be supportive or to be quiet. You are doing just fine 7 month olds don't get spoiled. If you are worried about his development then get an assessment by your doctor, the expert.

In the meantime trust yourself and don't allow other people to become the expert on you or your child.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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