Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's your most romantic Moment or Story?

Romance is not, something I discovered years ago, restricted to experiencing only in a relationship. I have had romantic moments all by myself. As recently as when I purchased a home just outside the city limits and discovered one night that a full moon casts the most incredible and lovely light over my back yard. There was no need for any artificial lighting and the moon was incredibly beautiful. I love nights like that, as I often think of my loved ones far away and how we are sharing a beautiful moon!

One morning I got up early for a walk near the beach. I was at a hotel because of work and wanted a few moments to myself before socializing. I was greatly surprised to find my reward for making it out alone was the most amazing sunrise over the Tampa bay area that I have ever been privileged to witness. Very romantic moment.

My sister called me one night she had tickets to see a concert in the outdoor amphitheatre in Park City, Utah. Michael Bolton and Kenny G! It was amazing to see. The stars were so bright and so close I imagined I could reach out and touch them. What an incredible romantic night.

Of course the most romantic moment in my life which cannot be superseded (I am convinced) were the births of my children and the magic that happened when I looked into their eyes only enhanced by the birth of my grandchildren.

Once my younger twin brother came to me and asked me what he could do. The young woman he was in love with (his first love) was confused because she had feelings for both him and another. I said, "Bob, you need to put yourself out there further!) So as she had, fled to Washington or was it Oregon? I cannot remember, it was 30+ years ago cut me some slack please. Anyway, it was December and I suggested he send her roses for Christmas. As he was writing out the card, I said, "Wait!" "Why not send her one rose each day for the 12 days of Christmas with a piece of the message sent each day too?" He did. He did and then they wed! What can I say? Big Sisters Rock!

Sometimes romance reaches up and surprises you when you least expect it. The most romantic relationships I have ever had happened twice when I was not expecting romance. Both times it was with men who I was just pals. We spent time hanging out and doing things I loved to do, being outside, camping, enjoying nature, sometimes dancing in the streets. The most romantic kiss ever was when I was attending a dancing in the streets dance and my guy pal just looked into my eyes and made the what a kiss. These are the things great memories.....

Share yours too!
Share your most romantic story.

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