Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More conversing with Sierra!

Me: Sierra I think I should look for a boyfriend.

SJ: Grandma! Your too old for a boyfriend!

Me: What? I don't think so.

SJ: Well I don't want you to get a boyfriend.

Me: Why Sierra?

SJ: Because then you won't have time for me.

Me: Now Sierra when have I not had time for you?

SJ: Well what if he doesn't like me?

Me: Sierra who wouldn't like YOU?

Besides that's probably how I would meet my boyfriend.

SJ: Well how is that grandma?

Me: Well maybe he would come up to me and say, "Oh my what a lovely grand-daughter you have" And I would say, "Hey, you wanna be my boyfriend?"

SJ: Laughs and giggles.

SJ: Well maybe that would be okay.

Me: Besides he might be your grandpa, don't you want a grandpa?

SJ: Well yes, and then he could be my mommy's daddy too!


SJ: Well I guess you can have a boyfriend grandma but he can't sleep with you I would miss my snuggles.

Me: Well Sierra I think he would sleep at his house.....

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