Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grandma's Conversations with Grandchildren!

Sierra Jade: My ears still hurt Grandma!

Grandma: Why Sierra your ears were pierced 6 weeks ago. They should be healed my now. Why are they still hurting?

Sierra Jade: Because my ears are sensible.

Grandma: Sensible?

Sierra Jade: Yeah, grandma. Like you know how your ears are sensible?

Grandma: You mean sensitive Sierra?

Sierra Jade: Yeah, but sensible sounds better.

Sierra Jade: Grandma, is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

Grandma: Oh Sierra I still don't know if the tomato argument is cleared up yet.

Sierra Jade: Grandma, what argument? I just want to know if a pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable.

Grandma: Well let's see if we can figure it out. Does it have seeds?

Sierra Jade: Yes, well yes it has seeds. Then I guess it is a fruit.

Grandma: Hmmmmm


Sierra Jade: Well I don't care if it is a vegetable, I still don't like to eat pumpkin.

Grandma: Well if that is the case then I guess squash is a fruit too. Do you like Squash?

Sierra Jade: Well no I don't like either of them. Grandma! I wonder if there is such a thing as a squashedpumpkin?

Grandma: Well if there was then you would you like them?

Sierra Jade: No silly grandma! I wouldn't like the squashedpumpkin either.

Grandma: Well then neither the pumpkin nor the squashedpumpkin are in any danger of being eaten by you are they?

Sierra Jade: "giggles" Nope!


Sierra Jade holding her hand up to my hand. "Grandma, my hands are still smaller than yours."


Sierra Jade still looking at grandma's hands: Grandma? Your hands are really old! My hands are really young! (giggles)

That apple didn't fall far from the tree her mother was about 14 when she compared the girls and decided hers were definitely perkier than mine. (chuckles)

Sierra Jade rambling through the papers on my art paper. Pulls one up and out of the stack. She holds it up and turns to me while I am writing on the computer.

SJ: Grandma?
Me: Yes, Sierra?
SJ: See this painting of mine?
Me: Yes, Sierra. It is quite lovely.
SJ: I painted this when I was only 3 (she is 7 now).
Me: Yes, you did. It is still quite lovely.
SJ: Yes, I was quite the artist even then!

I have 4 beautiful grandchildren in Oregon. When I went up for the birth of the 1st one I was so excited to be able to do infant massage on her. Who knew how well we would bond in such a short time. I am only able to go up twice a year to see them all. When she could barely talk I received a phone call one day from her. She was excitedly talking away and in the middle of it I heard her say, "Me Delta!" Her mom finished the call by telling me she finds me on her speed dial. She has pushed the button and called several times as so have the older children. I don't tell because they are not suppose to be "playing" with mom and dad's cell phones. Delta, as her mother tells me has tossed her cell phone to her and said, "here mom, I can't find grandma's number." This is mom's clue it's time to call grandma.
One day I was rushing to get into my car as I was late going somewhere. (No news to my friends and family). My cell rang. I could see by the caller ID it was my son who lives in Oregon. The newest Grandchild Thatcher was almost a year old.
I answered the phone and no one was there. "Butt dialing me again!" Or so I thought. Then the phone rang two more times. Each time I responded with a hello and each time I heard silence. The third time I thought, "Could it be? Could it be Thatcher?" Thatcher was the only remaining non verbal member of the household. So the next time it rang I said, "Thatcher Cole is that you? This is grandma!" To my surprise, I heard heavy breathing and then baby talk. Sure enough speed dialing is easy when you are preverbal! By this time someone was missing their cell phone and we both had a chuckle! I am convinced of course like all grandparents, my grandchildren are just brilliant!
Keep posted for more delightful things they say! Grandma Kay


  1. I love stuff like this... wish I did a better job of jotting it all down.

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    I have worked with kids for 15 yrs and i have a son that graduated high school, this yr.One day a 4 yr old had a stomach ache.. thought well,and said jackson maybe you have gas. He said Miss Linda little boys dont have gas cars do,,lol, sweet,, wonder if he will be a president one day, maybe a,, bye,, Linda

  3. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I love your conversation with your granddaughter! I am blessed with 3 granddaughters (5,8,9) myself, and like you, I look forward to them calling me up and talking with them on the phone...I didn't realize how lucky we were to have them in our lives on a daily basis until this year when my husband & I moved 2 hours away due to his employment-I miss them so...But, my youngest grandchild calls me up every night to reply her day with me. I look SO forward to those calls and our "together" moments. We talk about her friends at school, how her stuffed animals are doing, & exchange silly jokes with each other. Most of the time her mother (my daughter) doesn't even know we're on the phone until she (my granddaughter) asks "mommy, you want to talk to Grandma? never thought I would look so forward to a phone call as I do these days when I think it's one of my grandbabies calling me up to share her day!