Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

Day 17 of Relationship and Dating Tips and Tidbits

Truly loving oneself. Happiness is an inside job. Being the one you want to attract. The common denominator in all relationships is ____?

These are all statements that mean that we cannot find what we truly desire in another human being until we find it in ourself. What we seek in others is our own reflection. All human beings are born projecting their desires, their needs their wants onto others. Think about babies....I am hungry, feed me. I am wet, change me. I am in pain, comfort me.

To be in a relationship takes the awareness of what it means to meet our own needs first and foremost. When we are able to do this task with on-going self awareness we are ready to give to someone else in a relationship. See being in relationships is not about getting it is about giving ourselves. Surrendering ourselves. (Sometimes we confuse surrendering with submitting and the world is only to glad to allow us to do so!)

To truly love another comes from truly loving ourselves to the point that the love flows over onto others. We love others because we cannot help but love another...from our abundance of love. Like a cup of water that is not half full of love....a cup of loving water that overflows onto the world out of an abundance of love. It does not run dry unless we forget to love ourselves.

As someone once reminded me, there is a reason the stewards on the airplane tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and help others second.


Happiness is an inside job. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves or to the ones we love is to take responsibility for our own happiness. These are recommended readings that take us into the arena of self responsibility and exploration of our heart, our mind, and our soul.

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