Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letting go of pets?

Knowledgeability Clarity of Response Timeliness Politeness Nomination?

10                       10                           10            10             Yes
Comment: wonderful answer thanks so much,unfortunatly we had already given the dogs away before we recieved your answer I know that I can use your advice in the future

Question: My daughter is 4 yrs old and we have 2 dogs we are going to have to give away. She is going to be crushed she is very attached. Do you have any tips for making this any easier? Thanks for your time

Kay: Children do grieve even more so because they feel everything. Their brains are not as developed as ours are, we tend to rationalize our feelings more than children do. So they are full of emotional reactions. What I would suggest is getting pictures of her and the dog together so she can have them in "special" picture frames. Letting her meet (if possible) the new owners and see where they will be kept. (I am not saying this will make it all better however it will include her in the process and give her a place to picture her dogs in her mind rather than just disappearing). Also, after the dogs are gone give her ample opportunity to play her feelings out by drawing or talking to her dogs on a play phone. Above all don't avoid her questions or her wanting to talk about the dogs. The more you respond the more she can release her emotions and this too, like all else in life will pass.

M Kay Keller

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