Saturday, November 7, 2009

To my oldest Son!

What it is to be a six year old....

This poem was given to me by my oldest son Michael when he was 16. It was his memory of the experience of being six years old. Please enjoy!
I love you Michael forever and always! Mom

Harmony and communion with nature
Through these, love for all at one with divine self.

Belief in all that is good
Through this love of value.

Peace and tranquility by way of mother
through this love of arts.

Strength and courage by way of father,
through this love of change.

Six is cherished by all encountered
love of God.

Six is happy when mother and father are pleased
love of pride.

When the grasshopper hops, and the crickets chirp,
Six understands and is astounded.

When the rain falls, and the lightening strikes,
Six understands and is comforted, God is with him.

When rainbows shine, and birds' song is heard,
Six is confused, and believes in magic.

When cookies are warm and mild is cold,
Six understands, and feels loved.

When baby cries, and father is angry,
Six doesn't understand, and is afraid, six shouldn't have to fear.

When mother laughs and beams, Six knows God is with him.
God never intended Six to hurt.

Six is with God, and understands what this means.
Six understands ultimate love comes from within.

And God is within, Six lets him,
Six understands the ways.

Way of life
Way of heart
Way of wisdom
Way of kindness
Way of tenderness
Way of safety
Way of humility

If Six is misunderstood, Six goes the ways,
Six wants no offense, and does not offend,
Six is trusting.

Dear God, let me be like my Six year old, and just accept.
Dear God, let everyone listen to their Six year old's heart.
Dear God, let me listen to my Six year old's wisdom.


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