Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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What am I passionate about? I am passionate about keeping families together. Any knowledge or skill I can research or study has my interest. I started out in my undergraduate career wanting to be a family counselor. However discovered that my true passion was in providing support to families through support. I believe that parents/caregivers want the best for their children. In a society so full of opinions and research I did not want to become one more professional telling the people responsible for raising a child that they were doing it wrong.

I believe that caring for children is an experience we are granted to grow and learn about ourselves as well as our child. It is an interaction process or a bio-directional process. We have come through a journey in our human processes from not believing that babies had an intelligence when they were born to discovering that babies can and do illicit responses from the people who care for them by engaging them with their smell, their eye contact and their verbal sounds.
 Babies & caregivers set the pace in the relationship through a process called entrainment. Entrainment means that we mimic the facial expression, the sounds, the touch of one another and thereby communicate through non-verbal language that we see, hear and recognize the other person.

My work has grown over the last 25+ years. I first noticed little things about babies when I became a mother myself, as I ran an in home day care and then when I went back to college and graduate school and entered the professional world. Now I have completed coursework for PhD in Family and Child Studies and am currently reviewing research on the topic of the benefits of Infant Massage for both the infant and the parent/caregiver.

As I can I respond to parents and caregivers questions about their children on a volunteer site. I have suspended teaching Infant Massage classes until my research is complete. (I need time to be a grandma!) When I have completed the PhD program I will return to providing in home educational support to families as requested.



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I answer questions in person from Parents and Caregivers on a service called Ingenio which provides calls to Professionals providing services and verifies credentials at.
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M. Kay Keller, M.P.A., S.S.W., C.I.M.I.

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