Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is the song of my Grandma

Pondering where to begin...thought about starting with the past, my parents, grandparents etc...then decided to start with the present. A poem that my grand-daughter wrote for me.

I love me grnadma osndeido up to the mon and othe wbak hewkes me gonit hewtumeon and hew theleft of tat was a bah me grnadma love sierra

It was such a pretty poem that I asked her to read it to me so I could hear her lovely voice.

The translation is: I love me grandma, o yes n deed I do! Up to the moon and around the world and back and that is the song of my grandma! Love Sierra.

Can my life possibly get any better than this?

I have found that life is all about asking the right questions and then living with the questions. Living with what I don't know has been the only consistent challenge, a constant companion. The struggle was all about accepting that I didn't know, that I didn't have to know. The peace that came with the acceptance of not knowing has brought untold joy into my life. I am so glad I finally got it at to remember .....

I am a grandma! I really never thought ahead about becoming a grandma. My adult life was too busy raising three children as a single mom. Going to college and then graduate school and raising three children....working...getting my feet planted into a was a constant juggling act. Sometimes I did quite well and felt competent and other times I dropped the ball and felt like a complete idiot. Always those moments were when I couldn't be all things to all people and the most painful moments were when I wasn't what my children needed me to be...

I decided to start blogging to leave my footprints in the sand. I think I will review the past, update on the present and graciously dream of the future in my musings....

People tell me I am very intuitive so I shall include my intuitive moments, my dreams, my precognitions, premonitions and ramblings of such...

My commitment is to be real, to write about the valleys and the mountains, the struggles and pain and the joy that comes from each.

May you have health for your life,
more wealth than you can account for and
more happiness than your heart can hold.


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  1. Leaving your footprints is a good idea! Nice poem from Sierra.