Saturday, October 31, 2009

Practicing what I preach is easier said than done!

Last week at work I grabbed the electric pot boiling with water for the tea I decided I so desperately needed (caffeine to wake me up) when I hastily reached across the top and burned the inside of my left wrist. GREAT! I have a meeting I need to run off to and now I have burned my arm! Wait, take a deep breath and move slowly some part of my hurried brain said. You have this relax! I went next door to my cohort and asked her if perchance she had some lavender oil in her purse. As luck would have it she did have a bottle of the lavender oil I had gifted her a year earlier. I took some and liberally spread it over the now raised welt on my inside wrist, grabbed my tea and my reading glasses and shot off to the meeting I was now late to! As I sat there brooding over my mishap I suddenly realized my wrist had quit aching. I looked down and to my own surprise the burn was completely gone as if I had just erased the last 15 minutes of my life.

Now why was I so amazed? I had been preaching the effectiveness of wholistic healing and the use of these amazing oils which are 100% natural with NO petroleum base and yet here I was again having to remind myself they needed to be my first line of defense.

I marveled at my own resistance to the miracle of essential oils in spite of my previous experiences. Indeed last summer I had found a lump in my breast that sent me running in fear for a mammogram. I scheduled the appointment and then remembered my precious oils. I remembered an email from a friend a few days previously showing the gifts of healing naturally through foods. Oranges had highlighted properties for fighting cancer so every night for the next two weeks when I went to bed I rubbed orange oil on my bump. I thought I felt it receding however was determined to keep this routine up until the results of the mammogram came back. I went in for the mammogram and the day of the attendant told me because I had found a lump they would need to do additional testing. I told her the lump was gone and she impatiently explained this would make the testing more challenging. I was patient did as I was asked and left the building knowing I would be just fine. Sure enough two weeks later when the results came back everything was just fine.

Now why when I burned myself did I have to remind myself of what I already knew to be true....of course the first thing to do was to grab the lavender oil. People have throughout history used essential oils to heal themselves long before modern science came along with synthetic materials which are second best!


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